Clash of Clans Season 10: A Quick Rundown

Clash of Clans Season 10: A Quick Rundown on AppOKings Top Blog

Clash of Clans is constantly evolving, which is one of the reasons behind its ability to keep players interested and engaged. Now that the Season 10 updates are officially live, we have rounded up the main changes and improvements you should be aware of.

The Healing Spell Is No Longer Available

The Healing Spirit is a one-elixir card and actually works faster than the Healing Spell from previous seasons. It can also do some damage to enemy units, so use it wisely! The Healing Spirit can only function when it’s planted on an enemy troop or tower, and its level will gradually increase throughout Season 10 to finally match the level of your tower.

In addition, you can now play in Forest Gang Hideout, a brand-new arena. This arena is home to Magic Archer (whose range has been slightly decreased, by the way), Rascals, and Firecracker, so don’t hesitate to explore it!

Have you already played the updated version of Clash of Clans? Do you have any suggestions for the upcoming seasons? If so, head over to the comments sections below and tell us all about it!

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