September Apple Event: What’s There If Not iPhone 12?

September Apple Event: What’s There If Not iPhone 12? on AppOKings Top Blog

The rumors had it before the Apple event on September 15 that this time the new iPhone would not crown the presentation. Frankly speaking, millions of viewers hoped Apple would prove that wrong till the final titles. Nevertheless, Apple still had some aces up its sleeves and laid them on the table. So, what did the Cupertino wizards show us this time?

Apple Watch

There had been some doubts that Tim Cook’s Apple would be able to create new game-changing products. It is. Apple Watch has become the bestselling watch in the world since its launch in 2015; in 2020, we are witnessing Apple Watch 6 (available soon for $399).

The greatest innovations in the 6th generations are the following:

  • The most powerful SoC ever used in smartwatches, S6.
  • Energy-saving display.
  • Blood oxygen sensor. It’s especially demanded in the era of COVID-19, as one of its effects is blood oxygen level falling.
  • New bracelets with no clasp. You just need to stretch them to put the watch on.

Along with Apple Watch 6, the company showed Apple Watch SE ($279). This is a simplified version of Apple Watch 6, lacking the blood oxygen sensor and the Always-On display, but preserving most new features.


We have already seen what iPad Pro has become in 2020; now, it’s time the other versions follow. The new iPad, being the 8th generation of the world’s favorite tablet, is now powered by A12, the previous-generation chip that is still a serious step ahead.

But the device that shined on the event is the iPad Air. This advanced device, being just one step behind the Pro series, now comes with A14 Bionic – the most powerful SoC by Apple (at least until new iPhones arrive). It provides a traditional 40% boost in performance, also having an advanced neural engine for AI purposes.

The new tablet also has an upgraded camera, a better 10.9-inch display, and a fingerprint sensor now combined with the power button. The traditional Lightning port is replaced with USB-C. The device also received some new sensors enabling, for example, contactless controls.

Apple Fitness and Other Services

Apple is getting more and more service-oriented. After Apple TV+ and Apple News, the next step is Fitness+. This service’s function is to deliver the users new workouts that can be monitored with Apple Watch and accompanied by videos on iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV. New workouts will be synced with Apple Music playlists.

To make its services even more attractive, Apple also rolled out its Apple One plan that includes Music, TV+, Arcade, News, Fitness+, and some storage on iCloud. The minimalist individual plan for $14,99/month only includes Music, TV, Arcade, and 50 GB on iCloud. The maximum family plan also includes Fitness+ and News, and cloud storage is increased to 2 TB. It’s $29.99/month, but it can be split in six – the maximum number of participants for the plan.

As for iOS 14, it will be rolled out tomorrow, despite the lack of the new iPhones. Its beta version has been reviewed, and hardly will the release version feature anything the latest beta lacks.

Who’s the Star?


If you have watched the event – or read about it – what are you interested in the most? Did Apple disappoint you or make you eager to upgrade? Will you grab the new iPad or Apple Watch as soon as they hit the stores? Or subscribe to Apple One? Will its Fitness+ encourage your workouts? Tell us what you think in a comment.

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