The Witcher 3 Looks Completely 2020 with a New Reworked Mod

The Witcher 3 Looks Completely 2020 with a New Reworked Mod on AppOKings Top Blog

Since its release in 2015, The Witcher 3 has been attractive for mod makers. Some of them reshaped certain weapons or artifacts, some changed characters’ appearance to make them closer to the way they look in the show or in books, some changed controls. But there is one mod that makes The Witcher 3 looking as fresh as HD as one might expect in 2020.

This complete mode is named The Witcher 3 Reworked, and it really impresses. Developed by HalkHogan for many years, it changes literally every aspect of the game in terms of looks. Textures are completely replaced with newer, of higher quality, so everything, from wood and clay to rocks and snow, looks better. It’s especially noticeable with moving elements, like trees, grass, animals, and beasts, human and unhuman skin. The water is more transparent, and the weather looks more realistic than ever.


The new release is named Ultimate 12.0, and it will be released on September 19. The previous versions of the mod are already available.

Despite the fantastic visual improvement, the developer says that it will not harm the performance. The matter is that the potential of The Witcher 3 already includes 4K video, and most changes this mod has are just replaced textures (though, of course, not only). If your graphic card was made in 2015 or later, chances are everything will be fine.

It’s not clear what CD Projekt RED thinks of these mods. But, given the fact that TW3 Reworked is compatible with official versions from Steam or GOG and requires no acts of piracy, the company should be grateful to that developer for maintaining the interest to their (so far) latest big title. The next one, Cyberpunk 2077, is scheduled on November 19. And we’re already sure it will attract modding fans just as well.

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